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Ribbons and ribbons and ribbons.


On the political front — since I’m here in Houston, I should obviously forget my original plan of hiding in the house all Superbowl weekend and instead go to one of the many protests that are being planned.  The problem’s going to be figuring out which (leaning towards Standing Rock at the moment), how I’ll get there (park at work and walk or train over?  How hard will it be to park at the Wortham, do I think?), and just getting past the eek of going alone, so if anybody else has protest plans, please to let me know.

Things are still scary, we’re still in turmoil, I think you all know that.  Protests do seem to be rattling the fuck out of Lord Dampnut and his cronies, so there’s that.  I tried to call Senator Cornyn a bunch of times today to ask him to vote no on DeVos, and never got through, so I gave up and faxed him.  Remember faxing?  You can do it online for free, and I rather like the image of all these offices filling up with the constant sound of modems and incoming fax paper.   Also, I’m calling it good news that I couldn’t get through, since the constantly busy phone lines were almost certainly caused by allies doing the exact same thing.  So, the long ugly fight continues, but at least we can see forward motion.


One comment on “Ribbons and ribbons and ribbons.

  1. mommatrek
    February 3, 2017

    I got a form email back from Senator Cornyn’s office. So that’s…..something? IDK.

    I’m wondering now if I should fax him too. Teehee. I didn’t think anybody (outside of maybe my dr’s office) faxed stuff anymore.

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