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Happy Galentine’s! Wait, is that today? I’m bad at dates.


Who needs men when you have tea and an abandoned theme park?

But whatever, here is an actual Valentine’s card for you weird couples and your gross human emotions, but also for those of us sitting at home watching Star Trek and eating conversation hearts with our oversized cats.  (Shut up, he’s not eating conversation hearts, he’s eating my toes.  So he sort of is eating conversation hearts eventually, I guess.)


I’m having a moment of standstill on the protest-y front, but that’s ok.  Pacing myself is fine, I am not a monster who’s stopped caring, this is going to be a motherfucking marathon.  Or, ok, I actually am doing a little thing, I’m whipping up some more hanger pendants for people in exchange for wee Planned Parenthood donations, so that’s a thing.  Yay.


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