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Pretty flowers and scary worlds.


Yesterday there was bomb threat called in to the Houston JCC, along with 9 others around the country.  Today there may or may not have been an active shooter at Ben Taub hospital – no one seems to know.  The world is not getting less frightening.

That JCC is where I started taking ballet as a tiny kid, where I went to art camp and musical theatre camp and took ceramics and drawing and guitar and tai chi and probably more things I can’t remember.  It’s where my Mom goes to the gym.  It is, in particular, directly across the street from where my parents live.

At least one of my best friends works in the medical center.

Why are monsters attacking places of learning, growth, healing?  Why do they feel freer to ramp up these attacks in recent weeks?  Gee, could it have something to do with Garbageface’s hideous rhetoric, or the Neo-Nazi he’s made his right hand man?

Today seems like a good day to hit the ADL’s action page again.

One comment on “Pretty flowers and scary worlds.

  1. mommatrek
    February 22, 2017

    I am so sorry that this happened…I can’t believe it. It’s crazy. And somehow, I get the feeling these people are spurred on, if not outright encouraged, by the actions and words of our president who is clearly doing everything he can to set himself up as dictator. 😦

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