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Dolls, because I’m tired.

Or maybe just tired of drawing.  I’ll be back to it shortly, but I needed a break, so I got back to playing with this giant kitty doll I couldn’t resist acquiring.



I swear I took pictures of her meeting Mooch before I started messing with her, but I could NOT find them, so you get Google.



She still needs shoes and coppery nail polish, and I have to decide what to do about her hair — I love the twists, but they mostly hide her ears.  Still, so far, so fun.

You know what’s less fun?  Neil Gorsuch is almost certainly going to be our next Supreme Court justice, because even if Democrats stand united against him, the Republicans are planning to change the rules to force him through.  Don’t fall for the fiction that he’s okay – just because he’s qualified (unlike everyone else Trump has nominated for anything ever), that doesn’t mean he’s a good choice.  He will be absolutely disastrous for us, and it sucks that we probably can’t stop this one.  We can at least force the bitches to do it the dirty way, though.  Please, call your senators and encourage them to  vote NO on Gorsuch.  Sign the petition.  Write an email.  Let them know that we want a show of resistance, even if we don’t win this one.  Force the shitbags to show how pathetic they are, threatening to change the rules if they can’t win fairly.

6 comments on “Dolls, because I’m tired.

  1. Tara P.
    March 22, 2017

    Holy crap, you are talented! I’m impressed. 😀 Less so with Neil Gorsuch. As in, not at all. Not even a tiny bit. In fact, I pretty much think he and everything he stands for sucks. I signed the petition, of course. Thanks for sharing your art; it’s a bright spot in these dark days of ours.

    • naralesser
      March 22, 2017

      Thank you!!!!! And we will keep fighting this bullshit until the dinosaurs die the fuck out.

      • museofmyself
        March 22, 2017


  2. mommatrek
    March 22, 2017

    Oooh so pretty. I love watching OOAK doll videos on Youtube though I’ve never made one myself.

    Unless you count the Barbie-thing that I keep on my bedside table where I tried to cover her up and make her pretty. I found her next to our trashcan one trash day–hair cut off, legs broke off. But otherwise in decent shape. So I brought her in, covered her shorn head with a crocheted cap and made her a bottom half by crocheting a small bag and sticking her in it then crocheting a bit for the top to cover up her boobs.

    • museofmyself
      March 22, 2017

      This a beautiful story. Would you consider sharing a picture?

  3. the incurable dreamer
    March 22, 2017

    I live in Canada, but I have my fingers and everything else I can possibly cross, crossed, for Trumps mother fucking impeachment!! And I hope Neil gets to spend a cold winter night in a broke-down truck with only a blazer to keep him warm – dumb son of a bitch!!! Ahhhh. Ok I am done now. Love your doll, she is totally awesome! 🙂

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