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Ba-dum ba-dum, no but not really, please don’t freak ooooout, I’m talking to you A.





Wedding dress shopping just came up in conversation, that’s all.  I can’t even get my act together to brave the hideously murky waters of OK Cupid again, what makes you think I’d be getting married?  (This is mostly aimed at A. who saw my Facebook post about wedding dress shopping being fun a year ago and FREAKED OUT thinking I was not only engaged, but already at the dress shopping stage without mentioning it to my oldest friend.  Dumbass.)

But just so you know, if I ever do a. date again, b. not get sick of the sight of whomever I’m dating for a sufficiently long time that marriage seems plausible, c. get engaged and not fuck it up, I will be wearing a ridiculous traditional poofy lace and pearl and whatever the fuck I want gown.  I’m not really likely to do a big expensive wedding or anything, but I will damn well look like Sarah in Jareth’s ballroom on the one non-scifi convention day it is reasonable to do so.

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