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On owls and confusion.

So first, a wee little dice bag I put together for L’s birthday.  The owl panel is made from the same pattern as the afghan I made for her wedding; I was in New York on a trip with my mom last year and took a random ball of perle cotton with me just for something to do during down time.  We had a lot of quiet bus rides back and forth from Jersey, so I just made a tiny owl because that was the thing I had memorized at the time.

Months and months later, I finally figured out what to do with it.

Photo Aug 12, 9 13 07 AMPhoto Aug 12, 9 12 41 AM

SPEAKING OF L we were at Tea & Victory playing games with J and A when I made possibly my most fabulously weird demonstration of my selective celebrity face blindness™.  I was asking if anyone else had seen ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ because I started it and it made my brain hurt, and J couldn’t recall if she had or not, so I gave what cast info I had in my own special way.

“It had the guy, um, Jurassic Park & The Fly, oily chest, you guys love him!  (Jeff Goldblum)  And, um, Lenny from Of Mice and Men; you know, the guy from, um, being John Malkovitch.  (John Malkovitch)  But wait, no, not him, the guy who’s sort of like him, Third Rock from the Sun!  (John Lithgow)”

If you know me in non-internet space you’ve heard me say that all white men look alike to me and no, OBVIOUSLY not really, just lots of pairs of them do.  Previous confusions include George of the Jungle or Producers guy (Brendan Fraser/Matthew Broderick); baby vampire vs. Real Genius (80s era Kiefer Sutherland/Val Kilmer); Yondu who I could have sworn was played by Woody Harrelson but no, it’s some other guy from that zombie show; and love interest dude in the Wonder Woman movie who is apparently not magically de-aged Good Will Hunting but actually a different guy.

Probably related but different — I own at least three movies featuring Laura Fraser and every time I watched one of them I’d think, “That girl is so luminous and intriguing, I should really see what else she’s in,” and the answer is THOSE OTHER MOVIES I OWN.

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