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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread


It has been a WEEK and I mean that in mostly great ways.  Big good news and lots of fittings at work, renderings and more renderings at home, one big unexpected etsy sale (thank you nice lady!) . . . I am exhausted in all of the best non-sexual ways.  I have done a little little bit of sewing on my lunch breaks, too.  Don’t ask me what that leaf texture stitch is.  I was planning on coral stitch, then I forgot how to do it, then I got impatient with right handed diagrams, and now it’s a lot like a messy loopy blanket stitch but all clustered instead of in a row.  Is that a thing?

About those fittings — we’re doing The Flying Dutchman, which I will probably not see because seeing Wagner makes me feel dirty (not in the fun way), but for which I have IDEAS.  IMPRACTICAL UNUSABLE ideas.  Basically, the men are all in classic sailor garb and look just like this dude:

Image result for the gorton's fisherman

So the jingle is totally stuck in my head, and I think we should get Gorton’s to underwrite part of the show.  Thigh high waders don’t buy themselves, y’know.  We could have waiters in full sailor gear hand around crystal shot glasses full of cocktail sauce and fish sticks opening night!  Nothing says ‘super long opera with no intermission’ like a belly full of fish sticks, amiright?

There is perhaps a reason I don’t work in marketing.



Places to buy stuff!

  • TEEPUBLIC: mostly t-shirts, a few other products.  Watch for sales, when shirts drop from $20 to $14!
  • REDBUBBLE: Just, I don’t know, a ton of different stuff.  T-shirts are more expensive than Teepublic, but there are a lot more options.
  • AMAZON: 2 colouring books, and now, a nearly-complete cartoon collection!  (Till I draw more.)

The Neurotic Owl Compendium: still flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dreadGeeky Gals Coloring BookDaydreams & Whimsies: A Most Fantastical Coloring Book

  • ETSY: beaded jewelry, bags of creepy tiny dolls, and The Neurotic Owl Tarot

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • I’m not sure I’m supposed to mention specifics of big work news, but HGO should be pretty proud, they have made some really amazing positive changes.

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