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Dragons, dragons, la la la.

ace pride dragon star small

Yay Ace pride!  I forget whether I’ve mentioned it here, but it has only recently become clear to me that I’m demi.  Apparently most people’s sexy fantasy life doesn’t consist of long form storytelling with relationships and personalities and such?  And also apparently most people just, like, find other people sexually attractive without knowing anything about them?  Like, I assumed I couldn’t be demi because I have a bunch of celebrity crushes, but it was pointed out to me that those are based heavily on fictional personalities from their movies and public appearances and such, and like, I don’t just imagine Kate McKinnon (for example) magically turning up in my bed, I imagine going out for coffee and then to the zoo and then a bunch more relationship and eventually we get married and raise our sons who are cats together.  (If you, too, are into this general fantasy scenario, look up Kate McKinnon talking about her son who is a cat on Youtube, she does it all the time and it’s great.)makeover

I also realized I never posted the last of the cutesy dragons I was doing when it struck me how great they’d be as pride symbols, so ta-da, makeover dragon!  More pride dragons coming soon, I got a little side tracked with other work this week.

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