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Bimonthly thingy and oops, all knitting.

I have absolutely had the next card complete in my head for two weeks now but several things have happened.

First, I was ninety percent done with my new sweater and I am extremely zen and chill about my knitting the vast majority of the time, all ‘it’s the process not the product, if I finish this I just need to start another thing’ UNTIL I’m nearly done at which point I get a little obsessive about finishing and getting to wear the thing. Plus cold weather was coming (and going, and coming and going, thanks Houston) and I didn’t want to miss my window! But it’s done, huzzah three sweaters in three years since I taught myself to knit and big thanks to Magical Sparkle Muffin in particular for frequent advice and tool suggestions.

It is very hard to get a clear photo of a sweater on myself btw. You would be amazed if you saw the rickety setup I created on the handtowel rail so I could prop my phone.

I’ll try to get better detail pics on a dress form at work this week and throw them up on the Facebook page. This is Andi Satterlund’s Agatha pattern, and I highly recommend any of her designs, they come out adorable and true to size (that’s a 2X and I’m like an 18-20 in most brands).

But ok, so sweater done, soft and cozy hooray, time to start drawing again! Except everything is stressful and a lot right now and while theoretically all of my hobbies are relaxing drawing tarot cards involves more brainpower and decision making than knitting. So I’ve started a cowl with the yarn my mom brought me from Israel a few years back but still haven’t picked up the sketch pad yet. I swear it’s coming soonish, but also this is a self created project with no deadline whatsoever so not till I feel like it. Odds are I’ll feel like it soon, I rarely go a long time without drawing.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

I mean mostly that comfy cuddly cardigan if I’m honest. Work is a lot and only getting worse but sweater good. Hopefully it’ll be cold enough to wear it some more.

One comment on “Bimonthly thingy and oops, all knitting.

  1. Lisa B.
    January 10, 2022

    Striking photo of you. (Sweater too.)

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