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Is it a facepalm if you’re using a wing?


That’s your sister!  Stop it!  You should not be looking at that girl like that because she’s malnourished and possibly suffering from Stockholm syndrome, told you not to, and YOUR SISTER YOUR SISTER YOUR SISTER!!!!

If you’re male or had no part of guilty book reading as a young girl, don’t read these books.  Instead, go read this review: .  Again, after that feel free to read everything Raych has ever written, because books +hilarious writing style + food + now with adorable baby is at least 70% of the things that I love, and clearly you should all love the things I love.  And yes, I know that’s an old review, but the timeless ick factor of V.C.Andrews’ purple, incest laden, rape-her-till-she-loves-you prose goes on foreeeeever.


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