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The Cat in the Hat

Happy Saturday, y’all!


I found Waldo!  I know this looks vaguely photoshopped, but it’s just a very shiny plastic hat from an M&Ms ornament.


He has this awesome habit of falling asleep with his head stretched out nice and flat, making it an excellent hat balancing surface.  You can just see the death glare as he starts to wake up and realizes what I’ve done.


If you’re wondering how I got two photos of my cat in a tiny fez, the trick is to take about a million photos of my cat standing next to a fez, glaring at the fez, and running away from the fez.  Sometimes I’m kind of a jerk.


By the way, you can click the photos for to embiggen them.

2 comments on “The Cat in the Hat

  1. SeaCat
    February 16, 2013

    What a beautiful cat! Purple really is his color.

    • naralesser
      February 17, 2013

      Charlie says thank you – or, more accurately, mrow.

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