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Good trends and bad trends.


Happy discount chocolate day, everybody!  Two cartoons in a week and a few more ready to post, who expected that?    But okay now, please brace yourselves for a hard right turn.




In less happy trends, motherfucking fuckers killing children, and no, I’m not just talking about assholes with guns, I’m talking about the NRA and the politicians that support them because they all have those children’s blood on their hands.  I don’t want to hear shit about your right to carry or what is or isn’t an assault rifle, I want you to give a fuck about NOT KILLING CHILDREN.  You bitches sure care enough when it’s a blastocyst in a woman’s womb, why does the walking talking version matter less to you than your right to carry a big metal penis extension?  And I know, people reading my blog are almost certainly not gun rights dickheads, because surely the rest of my politics would have driven you away a long time ago if you were.  So really, I’m just shouting into the void, just like when I call my shitty shitty Texas representatives who don’t give a fuck about my queer Jewish female liberal vote.

Midterms, y’all.  For fuck’s sake, let’s take these assholes down at midterms, please?

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