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Interstitial stuff and possibly worrying self description.

I’m behind on dragons between the rigours of cat sitting and going back to work and designing a show, but I am still planning at least 3 more — pan, intersex, and the inclusive pride flag with the added black and brown stripes.  Yell out if there’s one you want that I haven’t done or listed, I want to be as inclusive as possible.

I have been (slowly) knitting my VERY FIRST SWEATER© and it is actually beginning to be a recognizable garment, hurrah!  Once that’s done many moons from now I think I’m going to learn socks, because I live in fucking Texas but socks are always useful, plus I have enormous calves and then I could make adorable patterned knee high socks.  Or, knowing me, 1 adorable patterned knee high sock and then I’ll get bored.  Maybe not, though.  I never had the patience for a crocheted garment, but with the knitting I’m enjoying the process as much as or more than the product, so I haven’t gotten impatient with the sweater yet.  Photo Aug 04, 7 53 35 PM.jpg

In other news, I just the other day found myself thinking about how I’m basically, like, this boiling mass of pain and fear and rage lava, but nicely surrounded by a thick layer of marshmallow sculpted into a general sort of woman shape, and that is both a pretty worrying self description and an excellent reason for people to be cautious of scraping through my marshmallow-y surface.  no380

Now I feel like I’m scaring people so please have this photo of my cat to feel better.

Photo Aug 03, 7 54 51 PM

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