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In Defense of Neurotic Owl

First of all, now I have Stephen Lynch’s ‘In Defense of a Peepshow Girl’ in my head, so thanks, me.

The thing I’ve been thinking about, though, is this.  This thing.  This thing which I am about to discuss right here.  Yeah, that.

I was chatting with a friend last week and she mentioned that she had reminded herself, more than once, to be more like Manic Pixie Otter and less like Neurotic Owl — to go out and choose joy, basically.  Which, awesome, and also super flattering, but it left me feeling like something was off and it took a little thinking to figure out why.

Neurotic Owl is a fictional character, which I am well aware of because he’s mine, but I’m about to be all analytical and overthink him, cause that’s what I do.  The thing that coalesced after some thinking was that she was using Neurotic Owl as a cautionary tale, whereas I think he’s actually pretty kickass.  He’s terrified of everything, his whole world is conspiring against him, he makes terrible life choices (a cat?  really?), but he keeps going out and having adventures and trying fun things even when he’s terrified.  I think that’s awesome.  I am not always (not even usually) that brave.


I’m going to be more like Neurotic Owl.  I will go to a party and sit alone at a pub and sign up for that JDate and dance in public even though it fills me with dread. I will kick ass.

Okay, no more rants for at least a week, I swear.

4 comments on “In Defense of Neurotic Owl

  1. ccoshow
    February 21, 2013

    You DO kick ass.

  2. Lorien
    February 21, 2013


  3. naralesser
    February 27, 2013

    OK. I did the JDate part. Bring it on, moderately Jewish men!

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