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Don’t get excited, y’all. I’m planning on Dragon*Con ’14.


My theory is that, if I buy a ticket this year as soon as the con ends, I will be committed to going and actually make plans instead of waiting till it’s too late.  It worked last time, even though by the time the con rolled around I was (temporarily) unemployed and had just finished a cross-country move, and the hotel room/flight/food was money I didn’t really need to spend.  Still, I think a few of my pals are planning to go to the 2014 one and get a host hotel room to share (important if you get heat sick easily/need to go hide from all the peoples sometimes), so yay feeling less lost and alone!  It’s also a chance to see friends from around the country — I spent most of the last one with pals from NC and only got overwhelmed when we split up, so I shall cling to known folk like a limpet.  A TARDIS dress/Wonder Woman costume/anything Companion-y and breezy wearing limpet.

Before you ask, I have absolutely zero interest in San Diego Comic Con.  DragonCon was overwhelming; Comic Con would DESTROY me.  Also, an hour is about the maximum amount of time I’m willing to spend in line for a panel.  The con is not cheap and I’m not paying to sleep on the floor outside Hall H and waste a whole Con day and possibly still miss out.  Yes, I would like to see my favourite stars in real life, but not quite that much.

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